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History of MIDAS is full of testimonials crediting health benefits ranging from kidney stones to long life.

Perfect balance of essential minerals for overall cardiovascular health with the added benefit of Silica for the removal of Aluminum (responsible for Alzheimers)

Studies confirmed that demineralized Filtered waters increase the risk of cardiovascular problems - Dr. Kozisek

See what this local NBC news team has to say about the Midas legend.

Complies with strict FDA standards for bottled spring water

Especially Recommended for mothers and babies due to the low nitrate levels and natural purity for drinking and preparing formula

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100% Recyclable for a healthier environment

The Noblest Element is Water

What you drink matters. See what this Charlotte NBC news team has to say about Midas Water.


Courtesy of NBC News

Risks of
Demineralized Water

Scientific studies have concluded that drinking demineralized water can lead to cardiovascular problems. Many popular brands use artificial purification such as reverse osmosis or distillation that removes the benefits of natural minerals. Additionally, since water is a powerful solvent, drinking demineralized water can remove essential minerals from the body and lead to negative health effects, such as increased risk of cardiovasular problems, as confirmed in published studies by Dr.Kozisek of the National Institute of Public Health in 2003.

Not All Waters are Sourced the Same

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Health Benefits



František Kožíšek, M.D., Ph.D published a study titled Health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium. This study documents the importance of calcium, magnesium, and low levels of nitrates in drinking water. These elements are crucial for cardiovascular health, including hypertension, bone density, and risk of pre-term birth, low birth weight and sudden deaths in infants.


Midas water is classified as an Oligo-Mineral. Oligo-Mineral water has the ability to cure kidneys stones and is most notable for curing Michelangelo. Similar to the water from Fiuggi which for centuries has been recognized for curing the kidney stones of Popes and Miechelangelo, Midas contains the perfect blend of minerals to help with multiple conditions, including kidney stones. 



Midas is the ideal water for mothers and their babies. Midas contains zero NO2 and 0.32 NO3, a neutral pH of 7.2, and the perfect levels of naturally occurring calcium, magnesium and silica.


Midas water is rich in naturally occurring silica which has been proven to help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. Midas contains 59.6 mg of silica per Litre, which is substantially higher than most waters. 




Midas water contains a significant level of Salicylic Acid (Silica) which is exceptional for exfoliating and promoting clear skin. 


Midas has been used for years for bathing and washing to clear various skin conditions including acne.



Midas Water made me feel better. I had kidney stones for the second time in my life - they are not a fun experience. In order to help pass the stone, I drank lots of Midas Water. I passed a 3 mm stone within a few days and felt incredible after! 




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